Different Types of Stormwater Drainage Systems

21 December 2015
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Over the years, stormwater drainage systems for both commercial and residential use have increased in popularity due to the various advantages they offer. Not only do they decrease the amount of environmental pollution, but they also work toward decreasing the amount of flooding, erosion and other environmental concerns. Stormwater drainage systems are constructed with the purpose of controlling any water runoff that is on the ground hence decreasing the potential of issues that would crop up due to excessive saturation. Read More 

How to Replace a Broken End Fitting With a New One on a Garden Hose

9 September 2015
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Over time, garden hoses wear out, leaving you with irritating leaks, wasted water and drenched shoes. However, replacing an entire damaged hose with a new, top-quality device doesn't come cheap. More often than not, hoses experience problems with a worn-out or faulty end fitting. Rather than replacing the entire hose, you can replace the defective end fitting with a new one. Available in a range of sizes and design, fittings provide an economical fix. Read More 

How to Steer Clear of Frozen Pipes in Your Home

8 September 2015
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Typically, when water freezes, it spreads out or expands. That explains why a can of juice bursts out if it is put in a refrigerator for quite a long time. When water freezes or solidifies in a pipe, it enlarges in a similar way. Too much expansion causes the pipe to burst and water seeps out and the homeowner is hit with a costly invoice. Regardless of how cold it becomes, there are a number of precautions every homeowner should take into account to steer clear of frozen pipes. Read More 

Clogged Sinks | 4 Simple Home Procedures to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

30 July 2015
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When your bathroom sink stops draining properly, it could be because of several reasons –– clogged hair, leaking pipes and gummy soap scum –– and worst of all, your wedding ring! Unclogging your bathroom sink isn't as difficult as you think with these simple DIY procedures –– and if you can't fix the problem on your own, you can always call a professional plumber. Using a Plunger Using a plunger is perhaps the most common method to unclog a sink. Read More 

Three Dishwasher Mishaps That Need an Emergency Plumbers Attention

15 June 2015
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Having a dishwasher is a time saver for most households, especially during the holidays. They are fairly low maintenance, requiring only routine cleaning with dishwasher cleaning agents. Their can be several issues with dishwashers, however, that you should call a plumber to fix. Here are a few of those mishaps and what an emergency plumber can do to help: Installation You may not think of calling an emergency plumber when you need a dishwasher installed. Read More