Three Dishwasher Mishaps That Need an Emergency Plumbers Attention

15 June 2015
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Having a dishwasher is a time saver for most households, especially during the holidays. They are fairly low maintenance, requiring only routine cleaning with dishwasher cleaning agents. Their can be several issues with dishwashers, however, that you should call a plumber to fix. Here are a few of those mishaps and what an emergency plumber can do to help:


You may not think of calling an emergency plumber when you need a dishwasher installed. The truth is, most people try to install dishwashers themselves and end up with a leak of some kind or with issues that cause the dishwasher not to work at all. If this happens you will need to call an emergency plumber to fix the issues and install the dishwasher properly. If there are any broken pipes or other issues, the emergency plumber can handle them during the service call.

Backed Up Line

There are times when your dishwasher may become backed up. Unfortunately, this backup can go into the rinse lines and other plumbing of the dishwasher. When you try to clear the lines you can cause breaks in the lines, washers, and seals. This can lead to severe kitchen flooding if you run the dishwasher thinking that the lines are clear when they are broken or split.

To stop the flooding and fix the dishwasher, you may need an emergency plumber. They can repair the lines, replace lines that can't be repaired, and ensure the lines are clear to prevent further issues and clogs.

Overflows and Flow Backs

Two issues that you may not consider for an emergency plumber are overflows and flow backs. Overflows can cause water damage to the floor surrounding your dishwasher and to the cabinets as well. These can be caused by a blocked pipe or drainage issue in the septic line. Flow backs can cause dirty water from the septic tank or connecting kitchen pipes to flow back into your dishwasher.

This can put debris and waste on your dishes causing your entire dishwasher to become contaminated. An emergency plumber can locate the issue, fix the issue, and handle connected septic tank issues if necessary.

These are just a few of the dishwasher mishaps that need an emergency plumbers attention. If you have other issues or you believe your septic tank could be having an effect on your dishwasher, contact your local emergency plumber for assistance and price estimate.