Essential Checklist for Picking the Right Hot Water Unit for Your Home

27 November 2019
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Water heaters are essential appliances for ensuring you get a reliable supply of hot water for your domestic use when you need it. While all water heaters are designed to provide hot water, they are not created equal. With the different types of hot water units on the market, you can be overwhelmed with the choice easily.  If you need help with choosing the right water heater for your home, use the following selection criteria. Read More 

Blocked Drains: 4 Methods of Unblocking Your Drain At Home

22 October 2019
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In cases where good workmanship has been applied (that is, where quality pipes and proper fitting has been done) it is rare to encounter blocked drains. However, over time, debris such as fats, grease, oil, hair, and household items may get into the drains, causing blockages. Several methods can clear your blocked drain depending on the type and quantity of debris that has filled it.  Here is an analysis of some of the methods that might help you when you're looking to clear your drains; read on to understand how you can remove all types of blockages in your drain. Read More