Different Types of Stormwater Drainage Systems

21 December 2015
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Over the years, stormwater drainage systems for both commercial and residential use have increased in popularity due to the various advantages they offer. Not only do they decrease the amount of environmental pollution, but they also work toward decreasing the amount of flooding, erosion and other environmental concerns. Stormwater drainage systems are constructed with the purpose of controlling any water runoff that is on the ground hence decreasing the potential of issues that would crop up due to excessive saturation. You can then make an individual decision on whether you would like the water directed away from your property or collected for personal use. Here are some of the different types of stormwater drainage systems that you could consider for your property.

Stormwater drainage basins

These types of stormwater drainage systems are constructed on a property with the aim of collecting any surface precipitation ranging from melting snow to rain. The run off then converges at the drainage basin that has been developed at an elevation that is lower than the rest of the property. Generally, drainage basins will be constructed in close proximity to another body of water so as to facilitate the transfer of the run-off into a river or a stream.

Stormwater bio-detention basins

These types of stormwater drainage systems are constructed with the aim of collecting and treating the run off on site. As the stormwater collects in the basin, you can then choose to use biological, chemical or physical process to eliminate any contaminants in the water. Once the bi-detention basin is treated, it can then be redirected for agricultural use or into a different body of water.

Stormwater quality units

This type of drainage system is also referred to as stormwater quality chambers. They are typically constructed as a solution for run-off in paved areas such as industrial sites or urban locations. These stormwater quality units work toward treating the run-off by eliminating industrial waste such as grease, heavy metals, phosphorous, oils and more.

Underground stormwater detention systems

As the name suggests, these drainage systems are located below ground. Since they are underground, they can be constructed on any type of property. Typically, underground stormwater detention systems are best suited for individuals who would like to use the water for non-potable purposes. These include using the water for irrigation, for fire suppression and more. The amount of water that will be collected will depend on how large or small you would like the system to be.