Simple Ways to Get More From Your Solar Hot Water System

4 January 2022
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Finding ways to live your everyday life while being good to the planet is certainly satisfying. One way to achieve this is by installing a solar hot water system. You still get all the benefits of hot water, but you're harnessing the power of the sun's rays rather than using electricity. If this is an energy-friendly option you're exploring, here are some ways to get more from your installation. 

Try Solar Controllers

Solar controllers are systems that initiate an electricity backup once your solar system meets its capacity. It only allows everyday electricity to kick in once it's clear that sunshine alone won't do the job. Usually, this only happens once the sun is no longer shining. To maximise the sun's benefits, try to use your hot water outside of peak sunshine hours. Doing this ensures that there is plenty of cold water available for the panels to heat and reduces the amount of electricity-heated water you need to rely on. 

Separate Your Cylinders

Another way to make sure you use your solar heated water first is to have separate cylinders. One cylinder will store the water that your panels heat and the other will store the water that electricity heats. Such systems ensure that you use the solar-heated water first, which means you're less likely to deplete electricity-heated stores. As a result, your electricity doesn't need to work as hard to heat the water you use. 

Provide Adequate Insulation

As with any type of heated water, insulation can go a long way towards making sure your supplies don't run out. Insulating your water tanks means your water is less likely to drop a few degrees when it isn't used. As a result, the thermostat is then less likely to prompt your electricity supply to kick in. This then means that your solar energy will go further.

Conserve Energy As Usual

Prior to using a solar hot water system, you'll probably take some steps towards conserving energy in your home. While solar energy is kinder to the planet and reduces your electricity bills, that doesn't mean your usual efforts should stop. In addition to taking fast showers when you can, try using eco-friendly showerheads and reduce the temperature of your water. Every small action you take will help your solar-heated energy go further. 

If you feel as though a solar hot water system is right for you, it's time to start discussing your needs with a plumber.