Complex Issues to Leave to Professional Plumbing Services

7 October 2021
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The average modern homeowner wears many hats and considers DIY projects, such as plumbing maintenance and repairs, therapeutic. However, while a DIY enthusiast can replace a sink stopper, swap a showerhead, or replace a toilet flush handle, some problems are best left to professional plumbers. The reason is that some plumbing issues are complicated, and an untrained hand can worsen a problem. This article highlights plumbing issues DIY that enthusiasts must leave to trained plumbers.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are common when winter sets in and often affect plumbing systems that have not been winterised. When pipes freeze, thawing is crucial to prevent burst pipes and flooding inside a home. That said, thawing frozen pipes might seem like a straightforward activity for most people, but it is not. Notably, it is not just a matter of blowing hot air from a hairdryer directly to drainage pipes. For example, taking such measures worsens the situation by deforming pipes if they are made from PVC. Moreover, thawing must be gradual to prevent a rapid drop in pressure, which might cause certain sections to deform. For this reason, you should call professional plumbing services immediately you discover your pipes are frozen to avoid complications. Professional plumbers have the right thawing equipment to restore pipes to pre-freezing conditions.

Installing Leak Detectors

Water leaks might seem innocuous, but they can cause extensive damage and significantly raise your water bills. Thus, many homeowners are installing leak detection systems in their plumbing systems. Although most leak detectors are user-friendly, it is an excellent idea to let plumbing services perform the installation. For instance, leak detectors must be placed strategically so that the sensors do not miss sudden changes in water flow. The strategic placement allows leak detectors to shut off water flow and prevent further leaking. Overall, the effectiveness of a leak detection system lies in its location in a plumbing system.

Sewer Line Backup

Many professional plumbers often wonder why homeowners try to unclog sewer lines when the chances of something going wrong are high. Thus, professional plumbers ask property owners to leave sewer line backups to experts. For example, if you use force to unclog a blocked sewer line and it backfires, you have to deal with overflowing bacteria on your lawn. In addition, a DIY sewer line unclogging could damage the main line, leading to expensive repairs. Therefore, let professional plumbing services work on sewer line backups for your safety and property's well-being. For more information, contact a plumbing service