4 Tips for Better Hot Water System Efficiency

17 August 2021
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Now that everyone is trying to use less energy to reduce greenhouse emissions, many people are looking for ways to make their hot water system more efficient. A few simple steps can significantly reduce the amount of energy that your system uses. Take a look at this list and then give these tips a try.

1. Insulate Hot Water Pipes

The easiest way to prevent your hot water system from losing heat to the environment is to wrap all exposed pipes in insulating foam. You can purchase this form from local hardware stores or online and use plumber's tape to secure it in place.

2. Schedule Regular Tune-Ups

When it comes to improving the efficiency of a water heater, the best option is to schedule regular services or tune-ups with a local hot water plumbing service. During a tune-up, a qualified hot water plumber adjusts the settings of the water heater to make sure it functions with maximum efficiency. They also check all parts of the hot water system to ensure that none of them is worn out or at risk of breaking down. In this way, regular hot water system services can reduce call out charges for emergency hot water system repair.

3. Adjust the Pressure

Home hot water systems are designed to operate at a specific pressure. Check the manual for your water heater to see what the acceptable pressure range is for your model.

To adjust the pressure of your water heater, you can release the valves to bring down a water pressure that has risen too high. Pressure that is too low requires you to use the water heater filling loop to add more pressure.

Note that low pressure is quite unusual in modern hot water systems. If your water heater keeps dropping to a low pressure below, then the cause could be a leak. Call a hot water plumber to find the leak for you and fix it.

4. Perform a System Powerflush

Powerflushing your hot water system is a good way to get rid of rust, sludge and anything else that is inside the pipes out of the system. However, this process is not something that you can safely do yourself at home. Your local hot water plumbing service can carry out a powerflush to improve the energy efficiency of your home hot water system.

Reach out to a professional for help with your hot water system