4 Major Warning Signs That Your Drains Have Blockage

7 July 2021
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Blocked drains are one of the few plumbing problems that you cannot wish away. When you ignore the problem, it keeps getting bigger until a time comes when the entire drain suffers massive damage. However, it is possible to tell from minor indicators when your plumbing has developed issues and needs fixing. Here are the four main warning signs that your drainage could be getting blocked. 

When Your Home Has Unpleasant Smells

Unpleasant smells in the home are the first indicator that your drains are clogged and need repairs. The foul smell comes from the gases given off by the decaying biological waste inside the pipes. You might also notice that the smell gets worse when you try to run water, and this is because water aggravates the bacteria. Sometimes the smell comes from a malfunction in the traps. The gas trap function is to absorb the smells that come out of the sewer. When the traps dry up and lose their water content, they lose their ability to absorb smells, making life inside the house unbearable.

When the Water Moves Sluggishly Down the Drain

The other indicator that your system is damaged and needs repair is when the water stops draining as it should and starts moving sluggishly down the drain. When the clog completely blocks the cross-sectional area inside the pipe, water stops moving. You can tell the extent of the problem depending on the plumbing fixtures that aren't moving water. You will know the issue is localised if it is just the toilet or bathtub that isn't draining water as they should.

When the Plumbing Makes Gurgling Noises

A functional drain should operate quietly. You will know that yours is damaged when it starts making funny sounds. For example, gurgling noises indicate that you have air trapped somewhere inside your system. The sound comes from an attempt by the air bubbles to escape. If you have noticed the funny sounds, accompanied by several other signs, you might be dealing with a blocked drain.

When Water Is Backing Up

The most typical sign of blocked drains in the home is when water from the sewer starts backing into the house. Drain water is grey and a severe hazard to the environment. A plumber will help fix the problem before your health and safety get compromised.

Find a competent plumber to assess and locate clogs within your drainage system. They will find and remove the clog. Unclogging restores the drainage function and eliminates any threats to your health and safety. Reach out to a professional who can clear blocked drains