3 Crucial Drain Pipe Camera Inspection Advantages You Should Know About

20 April 2021
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Modern plumbers heavily rely on technological tools to provide better services to their clients. A drainpipe camera inspection is one such type of technology-enabled plumbing service. As the name indicates, this type of plumbing service involves guiding a high-tech, waterproof camera through your drains to check for potential problems that need to be repaired. 

The goal is to get a real-time view of the condition inside your drain pipes or main sewer line without guessing the location of the problem and how severe it is. Here are some of the essential benefits associated with getting a drain pipe camera inspection dome at your home.

Minimises the mess of digging

Plumbers and homeowners are both huge fans of trenchless technology. Less digging translates to less damage to the landscape and less time-consuming and costly cleanup. Whether you're facing pipe corrosion, root intrusion, disjointed pipes or other problems with your drains, a drain camera inspection will help to see the cause of the problem and even pinpoint its exact location.

Sure, some excavation work may need to be done to repair the damaged pipes buried outside, but such digging will be limited to the problematic sections only. As a result, the drain repair process will be faster but will also create less mess compared to the traditional drain repair process.

Helps to know the condition of your drains

A common misconception many people have is that they only need to undertake drain pipe camera inspections when they have problematic drains. Far from it, these drain inspections should be carried out as a part of an overall strategy to prevent the disruption caused by drain issues. 

If undertaken as a part of preventative drain maintenance, drain camera inspections help to keep tabs on the condition of your drains, which typically stay out of sight. Done regularly, these drain inspections will help to quickly detect and fix any problems that could cause major damage to your drains if left unaddressed for a long time.

Keeps drain repair costs down

By ensuring early detection and repair of drain problems, drain camera inspection service helps to avoid expensive drain repair bills. Drain problems are bound to happen at some point, but addressing them early enough prevents them from exacerbating and resulting in costly repair work.

Whether undertaken as a part of a proactive approach to plumbing maintenance or as a response to obvious signs of problems with your residential drains, drain pipe camera inspections will help to solve problems easier, faster, and cleaner than ever. Contact a local plumber to schedule a camera pipe inspection for your home's drains.