How to Choose an Emergency Plumber

26 October 2020
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Every household should have the phone number of an emergency plumber close at hand. If you are not sure which local plumber to call on to handle your emergencies, use this checklist to help you find one that is suitable.

1. Location

When you have a plumbing emergency, time matters. The best plumber to handle your situation is one who can get to you quickly. Look up plumbers in your local area and note down the details of one located close to your home so you do not lose time in an emergency waiting for a plumber to arrive from far away.

2. Availability

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time of the night or day. Make sure that the plumber you plan to call on is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emergency plumbing services should also be available on holidays to handle your plumbing issues.

3. Qualifications

When you are facing a plumbing emergency, it is easy to panic and turn to the first person who claims they can fix your problem. However, if you use a plumber who is not properly qualified, they could make your emergency worse. Always check the certifications of a plumber before you let them tamper with your pipes or bathroom fixtures. Information about a plumber's experience and qualifications should be on their website, but do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

4. Assurances

If an emergency plumber fails to satisfactorily resolve your plumbing problem, can you rely on them to return soon and sort it out? The best plumbing services offer satisfaction guarantees, meaning they will carry out further work if their initial repair quickly fails. Look for this information on the plumber's website or ask about it.

5. Ability to Work With Gas

In many homes, the hot water system is powered by natural gas. Plumbers who are qualified to work with gas heating systems are known as gas registered and hold a gas safety certificate. If your home uses gas for heating or hot water, it is a good idea to look for an emergency plumber with a gas safety certificate so they can solve problems with this system for you. Never allow a plumber who is not gas registered to tamper with your gas water heater, as the effects of a faulty gas hot water system can be very dangerous.