How to Choose an Emergency Plumber

29 August 2016
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Most of homeowners prefer to fix their own plumbing issues, but there are some emergency situations that may require more than the average homeowner's expertise. In such cases, you need to find an emergency plumber, and fast!

Knowing how critical plumbing is to a home, it is important to choose an emergency plumber wisely. So here are a few things to look for in a good emergency plumber.

Proper certification and insurance

Professional certification and insurance are non-negotiable requirements when choosing your plumber. You must ensure that they are registered with the local and national professional authorities, and that their certification can be verified by these authorities. You should check with the Housing Market Organization or the local building authority in your area to ensure your plumber's legitimacy.

You must also ensure that they have a current compliance certificate that is regularly issued by these professional bodies to ensure that all plumbers maintain the required standard of quality.

Insurance is important in the event of the plumber causing some damage to your home, or one of the members of the plumbing team getting hurt while working on your property. Without this insurance, you liable to repair your own home, or provide medical care for the injured worker, in addition to paying for the plumbing services. So ensure that the plumber has an up-to-date cover before hiring them for the job.

24-hour services

Emergencies are not scheduled so you need a plumber that can be available at any hour of the day or night, every day of the week. They should have a number that you can call to confirm this so that you are not left stranded during an emergency.


There are several ways a plumber and his team can display professionalism. First, is by conducting themselves appropriately within your home. They should pass through the areas you have designated for them, limit their movement within that area, and leave their working area cleaner than they found it. Anything short of this is simply unacceptable.

Second is by wearing the appropriate protective clothing while working in your home. The team should have gloves, goggles and other protective gear, which will assure you that there will be minimized risk of injury while working at your home.

Third, is by answering your questions adequately. Unfortunately, most homeowners overlook this quality because they just want the problem fixed. However, you should ensure that the plumber can clearly explain what the problem is, what caused it, how he plans to fix it, and how you can ensure that it doesn't occur again. This will help you gauge his experience and knowledge regarding your specific problem.

The choice of an emergency plumber is best made before you actually have the emergency, so do your research, ask around for recommendations and run checks on all your options before settling on your preferred plumber.