4 Ways You Can Get Cheaper Hot Water In Your Home

12 February 2016
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Hot water accounts for one of the largest water consumption factors inside your home. According to Energy Rating, heating water accounts for approximately 25% of energy use in many Australian homes. It is therefore a good idea to think about how you can drive this cost down. Considering that reducing hot water consumption is not so easy, the next alternative is to reduce the cost accrued from heating water. And here are several ways you can do that.

Switch to an instantaneous heating system

Hot water systems come in two types: tank systems and instant systems. With the former, hot water is heated inside a tank and kept hot throughout the day for random use. With the latter, hot water is only available on demand. One way to reduce your water heating costs is to switch from a tank water system to an instantaneous one. An instantaneous water heater reduces costs by minimizing waste; you only use the hot water you need, when you need it. Also, energy is saved by not having to keep water constantly heated inside a storage tank. In the long run, you also save on tank maintenance costs such as insulation and repairs. 

Convert from electric to natural gas or LPG

Electric water systems are fairly priced in the market, hence their popularity. However, their running costs are not so fair. In general, the cost of electricity is higher than that of gas, especially when full-rate tariffs are considered. You can therefore save on utility costs by having a plumber convert your electric unit to a natural gas or LP gas unit.

Replace your old water heater with a new one

No one wants to hear that they may need to buy a new water heater. However, you could save on your energy costs if you upgrade to a new unit that has a higher energy rating. This is, however, only feasible for those whose units are ten years old, or more. By getting a new unit, your heating needs will consume less energy, allowing you to save more on monthly bills. You also get to save on repair costs associated with older units.

Opt for cheaper energy heaters

You can also achieve lower water heating costs by simply choosing to turn to heating systems that have been proven to be more energy efficient in their functioning. One such unit is the solar water heater, which has very low running costs. You can also opt for a heat-pump water heater which, as Energy rating asserts, is 3 times more energy efficient compared to a conventional electric heater.

It may cost you more in the short term to change to a cheaper heating system. However, you will reap more in the long term as far as costs are concerned.