Equipment You Should Invest in for Blocked Drains

27 January 2016
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When it comes to plumbing equipment, the tool that is a staple in most homes is the plunger. Although this may work for minor sink blockages, it does not make much of a difference when you have a serious drain problem. The good news is that there are a range of tools that you could invest in that could help you eliminate the different types of blocked drains that you experience in and around the home. Having these tools ensures that you will only require plumbing services in the direst situations. Here are some of the different options of drain cleaning equipment that you could choose to invest in for blocked drains.

Drill Style Equipment

As the name suggests, this type of equipment will drill through obstructions in blocked drains. As such, they are best suited for obstructions that can neither be pushed nor pulled out of your drain. Drill style equipment ensures that you do not cause further damage to your piping system by forcing down items that will only exacerbate the drainage problem, as they cannot dissolve. Once you have made use of the drill-style equipment, it would be pertinent to thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior of the drain to ensure that any remaining debris is adequately eliminated. You can purchase drill style equipment in various sizes, depending on your needs.  However, most homeowners may be satisfied with simply opting for the handheld version, as you will not be expected to perform extensive drain unblocking.

Jet-Style Equipment                         

This type of drain cleaning equipment makes use of a high-pressure jet of water to unblock drains. The water passes through the equipment and flushes away any obstructions that may have been causing the blockage. This type of equipment is best for sediment that has not hardened against the interior of your plumbing. In the event that the high-pressure water is not effective in unclogging the blocked drain, you may have to enlist professional plumbing services, as the problem could be more serious than you thought.

Plumbing Rooter

A plumbing rooter is designed for exterior use. This equipment works toward unblocking drains that have been compromised by plant roots. These plants roots can easily make their way into your plumbing system as they grow, and this can cause serious blockages if left undeterred. This is why is always important to be mindful about where you grow trees or plants in your yard and ensure they are not in close proximity to your underground piping. The rooter is meant to cut away the root, thus breaking it down into smaller pieces that can be easily be washed away.