Top four ways to get your drains clogged up

22 January 2016
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Are you sick of your sinks just draining away without hassle? Perhaps you had a clogged drain in the past, and you miss that feeling of nervousness when you flush the toilet, waiting to see if the bowl will overflow. If you want your drains chronically clogged up for many years to come, check out these four handy tips.

Plant trees near your underground plumbing

Fast growing trees produce strong root systems that can break right through any cracks or joints in your underground network of sewerage and water pipes. Roots are naturally drawn to your pipes as an ideal source of water, nutrients and oxygen. Once the roots have taken up residence in your pipes, they can grow to fill the pipe with small, hair-like roots that will then trap any debris travelling through the plumbing system. As an added bonus, make sure you don't go replacing any old, cracked pipes. Ceramic pipes are the best option if you want tree roots to invade your plumbing quickly and easily. To maximise root intrusion, plant trees within 10 feet of your sewer lines.

Use your toilet like a garbage disposal unit

Having to empty the little bin in your bathroom regularly can be a tedious chore. Instead of throwing your bathroom waste in the bin, give your sewer a helping hand towards a good blockage. Sanitary items, non-flushable wipes, makeup removal cloths and even empty toilet rolls will, when flushed down your toilet on a regular basis, effectively block your sewerage system. This will create a situation where you and your family no longer have sanitary living conditions, and cannot dispose of your waste hygienically until your local plumbing professional has unblocked your sewer at a considerable cost.

Pour kitchen waste down the sink

A great way to block up your kitchen sink is to dispose of various kitchen liquids by pouring them down the sink. Oils, grease and coffee grounds can block your drains up in no time. Instead of popping your used coffee grounds in the compost, or saving old grease and oil in a container to throw in your garbage bin, just pour them directly down your sink drain. It's a quick, easy, and cost effective way to get your kitchen sink backed up in no time.

Don't use a sink screen in your bathroom

Hair and soap scum can block up your shower and bath drains rapidly. If you want to block up your drains without any extra work, it is highly recommended that you don't use a sink screen while bathing or showering. This is a particularly effective method of clogging your drains if you and your family members have long, thick hair, so also consider refraining from regular haircuts to accelerate the process.

Once your drains are clogged and sinks are filled with smelly water with no hope of drainage, it's time to call your local professional plumber for an emergency blocked drain treatment.