3 Possible Toilet Problems That Will Benefit From DIY Fixes

20 January 2016
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You'll naturally want your bathroom's toilet to be as clean and problem-free as possible. And while you take every precaution to ensure that your toilet remains free from snags, ever so often a nightmarish issue can occur. Knowing how to fix basic problems will ensure that your toilet remains usable without much stress. If the problem is more complex, you will benefit from the expertise of professional plumbing services. Here are some recurring toilet problems that will benefit from your DIY fixes.

Toilet Clogging

Clogging is one of the most common and annoying problems related to your toilet. Toilets generally get clogged for a variety of reasons. It could be because the sides of drains have been clogged with items like hair and tissues, causing them to back up into the toilet bowl over time. Using a plunger to unclog the drain line should be able to take care of this problem. If it continues to clog, then you may need to hire plumbing services that specialise in drain cleaning.

Constantly Running Water

This constantly running water problem occurs when you hear your toilet refilling as if someone flushed it, when in fact it wasn't used at all. Trickling water is usually caused because of a slow leak from the flush tank. In most cases, the flapper from the flush valve is usually the problem. The flapper is a small rubber valve that enables your toilet's flushing operation. This flapper will wear out over time and will cause unnecessary toilet flushing. If the flapper is worn out, you will need to replace your flush valve to block the overflow of water.  Flush valves are usually available at home improvement stores. You can either replace a flush valve on your own or you can enlist the services of professional plumbing services.

Leaking Toilet Bowl

If you notice leaking water from the lower end of your toilet bowl, it is probably because of a weak seal in the area that connects the floor and toilet. You will need to begin by draining the water from the tank and toilet bowl by disconnecting the water supply. Once the toilet bowl is empty, you can use caulk to seal any holes and gaps causing the water to leak. Caulk is easily available at a home improvement store, allowing you to undertake the sealing job on your own. If you're uncomfortable with the sealing job, you can hire plumbing services to seal the leaks professionally.  

While most of these toilet problems can be fixed on your own, keep in mind that you will need professional plumbing services from a company like Bunbury Plumbing and Gas to handle more complex toilet and bathroom emergencies.