Some Simple Maintenance Tasks for Your Bore Pump System

28 February 2022
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Bore pumps bring underground water to the surface for agricultural or domestic use. To get the best from your pump, however, there are a few simple maintenance tasks you can do which will keep it in the best condition. Here is a quick guide to home bore pump maintenance. Run it regularly One simple way of keeping your pump running properly is to make sure you run it regularly. If it is left unused, it can quickly suffer from corrosion and begin to seize up. Read More 

Simple Ways to Get More From Your Solar Hot Water System

4 January 2022
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Finding ways to live your everyday life while being good to the planet is certainly satisfying. One way to achieve this is by installing a solar hot water system. You still get all the benefits of hot water, but you're harnessing the power of the sun's rays rather than using electricity. If this is an energy-friendly option you're exploring, here are some ways to get more from your installation.  Try Solar Controllers Read More 

Complex Issues to Leave to Professional Plumbing Services

7 October 2021
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The average modern homeowner wears many hats and considers DIY projects, such as plumbing maintenance and repairs, therapeutic. However, while a DIY enthusiast can replace a sink stopper, swap a showerhead, or replace a toilet flush handle, some problems are best left to professional plumbers. The reason is that some plumbing issues are complicated, and an untrained hand can worsen a problem. This article highlights plumbing issues DIY that enthusiasts must leave to trained plumbers. Read More 

4 Tips for Better Hot Water System Efficiency

17 August 2021
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Now that everyone is trying to use less energy to reduce greenhouse emissions, many people are looking for ways to make their hot water system more efficient. A few simple steps can significantly reduce the amount of energy that your system uses. Take a look at this list and then give these tips a try. 1. Insulate Hot Water Pipes The easiest way to prevent your hot water system from losing heat to the environment is to wrap all exposed pipes in insulating foam. Read More 

4 Major Warning Signs That Your Drains Have Blockage

7 July 2021
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Blocked drains are one of the few plumbing problems that you cannot wish away. When you ignore the problem, it keeps getting bigger until a time comes when the entire drain suffers massive damage. However, it is possible to tell from minor indicators when your plumbing has developed issues and needs fixing. Here are the four main warning signs that your drainage could be getting blocked.  When Your Home Has Unpleasant Smells Read More